Vancouver Island Festivals and Events - Filberg Festival, Shellfish Festival , Vancouver Beach Festival,

Vancouver Island Festivals  


Vancouver Island offers events, festivals and exhibitions year round. Most famous of all is the Filberg Festival - it attracts artists from all over the world - and if you want to visit it - book your room early!

Beside that you will find some very unique events like the Shellfish Festival and the Carving Competition in Campbell River. Vancouver Island ships oysters to all regions and it is amazing what the carvers create in such a short time - often starting with a chain saw.

Whenever you come to Vancouver Island - check out the schedules for local events and festivals!


The Filberg Festival established a world-wide reputation for excellence
Filberg Festival
The Vancouver Island Musicfest stretches over 3 days and provides music for every taste
Shellfish is a part of Vancouver Island - and it shows off the best from oysters to crabs
Shellfish Festival
The carving competition attracts carvers from all of North America
Carving Competition
The Vancouver Island Beach Festival brings in artists from all over Canada and the US
Beach Festival
From drag racing to monster truck competition - Saratoga Speedway offers races for every taste
Saratoga Speedway
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