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Something must change!

... and the tourists in the
Comox Valley should
know about this:


Tourism BC
  • To enroll in the "approved accommodation" program Tourism BC is charging the B&B $66.66/room while larger hotels can get this approval for as little as $0.75/room.
  • When tourists try to book via HelloBC.com the accommodation provider is charged another 10 to 15 % commission.
  • B&Bs are restricted in their room count and tend to charge less per room than hotels thus, they generally cannot afford to subscribe to this 'service'
Considering the unfair way Tourism BC is treating B&Bs - we will NOT renew the enrollment. We have been checked in June 2012 and met all their standards.

Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce

  • Like Tourism BC - the chamber is charging the hotels only slightly more than the B&Bs.
  • Over the last 3 years the membership to the chamber almost doubled while the service actually went down
  • Until April 2012 the membership included that B&Bs, hotels and motels could place their brochures at the info-center.  Since then  the information centre has been moved elsewhere. 
  • For hospitality the CV chamber has few services left
After we heard about the new info-center and the 'new rules' we left the Comox Valley chamber and joined the Cumberland Chamber of Commerce for less than 1/3 of the membership fee with the same benefits.
  CVEDS (Comox Valley Investment & Development Society)
This is a club of 13 bureaucrats who are also responsible for tourism in the Comox Valley - a club of people who act first and think later:
  • They convinced investors to build 2 new hotels and expanded an established one - 400 additional beds - what they forgot is, to make sure that there are enough tourists coming to fill these beds.
  • Since April 2012 a new 4-million-$ information centre was opened and now costs between $300 to $400 to place brochures. Think about this: You can place at least 12 brochures on a square foot - that makes $5,000.00/sqft (We call this service "selective information" since only accommodations will be recommended which will pay these insane fees.)
  • ... and of course the info center will try to book for the tourists - giving them another 15% commission. IN THE END THE TOURIST HAS TO PAY - and we do not agree.
  • They are responsible for the location of the new visitor center - far away from the scenic route along the ocean and only accessible via a detour from the inland highway.
  • They are responsible for new housing developments for which there are not enough buyers - making the real estate market extremely difficult.
  • They are responsible for big business (a number of box stores) to establish in the Comox Valley with the result that a number of smaller ones on the picturesque 5th. Street had to close.
  • They are responsible that 14 B&Bs are closing down, or closed already, or are for sale (just this year).
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